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Festivals, Screenings and Awards In June, 2010, we began to shoot “…for peace comes dropping slow…” and since the release the film has received an extremely warm reception on three continents! We were invited to present the first sneak preview to a special audience in Omagh, Northern Ireland on 9/11/2010, to honour the many participants […]

At the 17th Century Parkes Castle, Lough Gill, and The Lake Isle of Innisfree In 1888 the young William Butler Yeats wrote ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’, a yearning incantation of his youth spent in County Sligo near the Atlantic coast in the northwest of Ireland and perhaps his best known work. Artist and Director […]

At Carrane Hill Bog Natural Heritage site, light writing against a dark landscape begins the film.  With the dawn approaching, light writers chase each other, playfully making their way to the hilltop, and experimenting with the first two words. As the morning brightens, they arrive at the crest of the hill and perform a beautifully […]

At Culleenamore Strand at the foot of Knocknarea, ‘comes dropping’ is written in a variety of over-layered sand, water and light writing, during the high sun of the afternoon. Children interact with the water, sand and light, in bright and reflecting sun, and against a backdrop of contrasting dark seaweed with human shadows as the […]

The sun begins to set at Parke’s Castle, Lough Gill (in which stands the Island of Innisfree). As we approach the castle aerially, participants, including members of Sligo Peace and Reconciliation, the Yeatsian Legacy and the Peace III Programme of Northern Ireland, begin to appear against a stunning shot of Parke’s Castle as our canvas. […]